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10 September 2005

Report of the Nimbin "Free Mark Emery" Global day of action

Justice for Mark Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams.

 NO EXTRADITION WEBSHOW captain  J. Justin Peace....

The birth of took place on the 10th of September 2005 at the Nimbin Hemp Bar.  Its first action, on this day, involved participation in a speak-out and live web show broadcast from Cullen street Nimbin. This was Nimbin's contribution to a worldwide day of  protest to save the Vancouver 3 from extradition to the USA.  Canadian citizens Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams might serve ten years to life in prison in the USA, for selling cannabis seeds.  On this day we  demanded that our country express support for the safety and freedom of these 3 and the global cannabis culture.

Another joint venture with the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement resulted in a very successful day of action. 

A dawn start, and hasty but thorough  preparations, saw the peacebus set up outside the Hemp Bar, with myself, Max Stone and his computers, ready to participate and to monitor the coming day of action.

The Nimbin based, InterGalactic Blues Mafia band, set up beside us on the footpath outside the Hemp Embassy and began to warm up.

Speakers arrived and readied themselves to publicly express  their opposition to the treatment of Mark Emery and others, as deeply moving musical expressions of soulful support issued from the band.

This action was a pleasure. The streets of Nimbin on a fine spring morning surrounded by beloved fellow members of the rainbow family.  Quite a contrast with my experiences in Sydney during the 30A Mobilisation of mass dissent from which I had just come;  

@t What we had just witnessed in the streets and public places of Sydney, was an example of extreme abuse of political power.  Our police force being used against us, the public, in order to protect the interests of  known corporate criminals and their  political buddies. This manifested in the presents of police in huge numbers, attempting to force the suppression of freedom of assembly and the freedom of speech in public space. This reactive official response, came from their fear, their fear of our  ability and dedication, as a strong willed and creative group of concerned citizens, to break the spell of the corporate mantras, in the name of justice and peace.

The stage was now set in Nimbin on the tray back truck and the band and other musicians got into the music. Freedom of assembly and freedom of speech had begun and was now proceeding, unimpeded by the presents of politically directed police suppression.  This is what democracy looks like. Equal and accessible participation.

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